AME-India praises God for the peaceful and successful Seventh Annual Conference 2016, 17th-19th May 2016. Almost 70 distinguished delegates from America and Africa graced the occassion with their esteemed presence. 450 people had gathered from different parts of the country and Nepal. The Annual Conference was chaired by Presiding Prelate Senior Bishop John Richard Bryant and Supervisor Rev.Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant, Fourth Episcopal District, accompanied by Presiding Prelate Bishop David Rwhynica Daniels , Jr., Fifteenth Episcopal District, and  Supervisor Rev. Rosalynn Kyle Brookins, spouse of Late Bishop H.Hartford Brookins. Ambassador Robin Tyson, PE Walter Bauldrick, PE Gary McCants, PE Samuel Sumner, Gloria Byrd, First Vice-President of the Connectional Lay Organization, many other distinguished Clergy and other members of the AME Church graced the occassion and were a blessing to the Annual Conference. 

This was a significant occassion because our esteemed, visionary leaders Bishop John and Rev. Cee were retiring from active service in the church and this was the last Annual Conference they presided over. The AME Church in India showed her gratitude and thankfullness to them by showering them with gifts. We will miss them as a church, as owes our existence to them. Had it not been for their bold leadership we would not have come to being. 

This year we had an addition of 50 churches, including 5 churches from the country of Nepal. We began in 2007 with twenty odd churches, and in the last seven year we have grown to 150 churches, with a membership of 15210 to the present day, spread into 7 States, 1 Union Territory and a new Country. As Bishop said the BEST IS YET TO COME, we will wait on God and continue to do our best to see that glorious day. 

Thanking God and everyone who has prayed for us and wished us well.



Under the able leadership of Sister Carole Copeland Thomas, a total of 22 travelers from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan and Colorado were part of this cultural immersion experience that built bridges between the people of India and the African American community. It was an inter-denominational group, as some were members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC), while others were Catholic, Presbyterian and Non-Demonimational. It was wonderful hosting them from 14th to 20th February 2016.

The purpose of this trip was to develop a richer understanding of the people of India, their culture, history and lifestyle through new friendships, dialogue, fellowship and visits to their communities. Most of them have shared that this visit indeed was a life-changing experience. For more detailed information about this trip and the schedule for future trip, please visit

On December 14th, 2015 we had the Pastors Meeting for Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh region, held at Chennai. We had a gathering of about 60 Pastors. Presiding Elder Sarah shared the Word of God and challenged the ministers. Many testified of being touched and ministered to according to their needs. Some testified of purchasing land for their churches while others testified of building churches for their congregations, and they said it was possible because of the scores of AMEs around the globe, who are praying for the minstry here. After the meeting we had a fellowship lunch and shared some gifts with the Pastors as a token of appreciation and love for the their relentless labour for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Brian Warren led a team from The Hope Center (THC), Canada to come and minister to the people in India. They ministered to the widows, destitutes, Leprosy patients. A Sports Day was organised for 350 children, the THC team interacted with them and helped them dream for their future. They also interacted with the Pastors and encouraged them to continue to be on fire for the Lord as they serve God and people in their own respective areas. Pastor Warren was passed on his special anointing to the Pastors for greater and more fruitful ministry. The team also engaged in some physical labor helping cleaning up a church and its baptismal tank. As a result of the ministry of the team many people were delivered from spirit possessions, from their own burdens and addictions, there were healings and many were added to the Kingdom of God. All praise and honor to God for such wonderful ministry.

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